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Project Turn-Around [Back to top]

When I was asked to lead the Technical Implementation and Change Management teams for Harvard's Project ADAPT, a university-wide initiative to revamp financial systems, the project had already been delayed twice by six months each time. Two nationally-recognized consulting organizations had been engaged and subsequently dismissed, and a third company was being hired. Project credibility was low and staff were dispirited. Virtually no one believed that the Oracle Financial Suite for general ledger, procurement, and accounts payable would go live in nine months -- at the start of the new fiscal year -- let alone the four other central systems for web-based purchase orders, check disbursement, 1042S tax reporting, and travel expense reimbursement.

I identified five critical obstacles to success:

Here's how I approached those obstacles:

Results: All systems went live 5 days early and experienced no production problems.  [Back to top]

Team Turn-Around [Back to top]

Development was lagging far behind schedule at deNovis, developer of an integrated system for healthcare administration. The CTO decided to reorganize into product feature teams. I was asked to be Program Manager for the claims feature team, the core of product functionality.

Several obstacles had slowed progress:

Here's what I did to overcome those obstacles:

Results: Within three weeks our team was functioning at a dramatically higher level, and within four months we delivered a working demonstration system.  Back to top

Organization Turn-Around [Back to top]

The Jewish Reconstructionist Federation (JRF) is a national not-for-profit with 100+ affiliated synagogues and two dozen staff. The organization was in crisis, having recently terminated its executive director, as they had the previous executive, and having run substantial operating deficits in three of the last four years, with cumulative results of -$400,000. The Executive Committee of the Board asked me to step in, stabilize the organization, and do what was necessary to reverse their financial performance. From the outset, I stipulated that I would not be a candidate for the permanent executive director position, since it required relocating.

I identified the following issues:

Here are a few of the steps I took to address those issues:

Results: We ended the fiscal year with a surplus of $110,000 and a planned surplus of $30,000 for the next year. Without increasing development staff, we established operating procedures that enabled a 45% increase in fund-raising.  Back to top