I was born into a family that inculcated the values of education, hard work, and taking initiative. My grandfathers were both businessmen, on my mother's side a retail merchant and on my father's side a wholesale egg processor. As a teen, I watched my father invent and build an employee benefits reporting business, staying up late every night first to learn how to program a computer and then to write the software that enabled employees to understand the value of their pension plans and other benefits.

In college I pursued a liberal arts education with an emphasis on the social sciences. Besides economics, politics, and history, I studied psychology, anthropology, music,

literature, mathematics, biological science, and classical Greek. My senior thesis discussed economic and political integration in the then-emerging European Economic Union. Following college, I studied graduate economics, judging the rigor of microeconomics, coupled with applied statistics, to be the most useful framework for analyzing and understanding the workings of a modern society.
In the early part of my career, I focused on honing my analytical skills in economics and statistics and expanding my theoretical base to include financial, investment, and marketing analysis. My aptitude for exploiting information technologies emerged strongly during this period, revealed especially in my ability to design and deliver software applications that solved complex business problems.
Urged on by the entrepreneurial spirit that pervaded my family of origin, I joined a start-up software company seeking to deliver the first commercial expert systems product. The depth of my background in economics and finance enabled me to partner with world-class faculty from the Sloan School of Management at MIT and with senior financial officers of Fortune 500 companies to deliver a true expert system for capital budgeting. With a partner I then co-founded a software company to enable corporations to capture their own internal expertise and share it in a consistent way across the organization.
During recent years I've demonstrated superior management skills and especially the ability to find workable solutions to difficult business problems. I've successfully turned around failing situations, saving several projects, reversing a deteriorating customer relationship, and rescuing a non-profit organization from years of financial mismanagement and lack of focus. What come to the fore as my greatest strengths are the ability to analyze extremely complex problems, to identify the explicit and implicit constraints that make those problems appear intractable, to lay out the path to a workable solution, and to inspire the collective effort needed to achieve the desired result. I learned long ago that figuring out the answer isn't important -- it's helping the team get to the solution.
On a more personal note, my wife and I have been married for 30 years, the first marriage for each of us. We have two grown children who both live within 2 miles of us. We love to travel -- here's a travel log from a portion of our recent trip to Italy. And here's a 30-minute travel log from our trip to Vietnam. (They're Windows Media Player files. You can get the latest WindowsXP release of Media Player here.)

Playing tennis is how I stay fit. TennisServer.com is the best tennis site I've come across. Take a look at Ron Waite's "Turbo Tennis" column.