My specialty is bringing about quantum change and overcoming the obstacles to achieving breakthrough change. For Harvard University, I put a seriously delayed $50 million project back on track and enabled dramatic improvement in accounting and procurement processes. For deNovis, I jump-started their stalled development team and delivered working software in 4 months. For the Jewish Reconstructionist Federation, in the space of one year, I turned a 5.1% operating deficit into a 5.7% operating surplus, on top of retiring over $200K in debt.
What I Can Do for You
  • Provide leadership with integrity
    • Drive change in your organization without leaving people behind
    • Manage and mentor staff; bring about a collaborative and supportive work environment
    • Streamline your business processes and increase administrative productivity
  • Deliver results
    • Find workable solutions, quickly, to the knottiest business problems
    • Turn around failing projects and operations
    • Deliver products, projects and major programs on time
    • Align your information technology infrastructure and applications with organizational goals and objectives
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